Z.E. for companies

Do you want to switch to electric?

Are you a responsible company? Then show it! Drive 100% electric! For you, our line-up of Renault Z.E. vehicles offers energy efficiency without compromising on performance. Our aim is to help you develop your business while doing your bit for the environment.
Renault ZOE - Electric vehicle range for professionals - charging - affordable price
Manage your spending
An electric vehicle isn't any more expensive to run than a conventional vehicle. Quite the opposite, in fact. Thanks to reduced maintenance costs, you'll save money.
Renault ZOE - Electric vehicle range for professionals
Drive responsibly 365 days per year
As city centres become increasingly closed off to conventional vehicles, electric cars have now become a genuine alternative for business users.
Renault Kangoo Z.E. - charging - Renault electric vehicles for professionals
Opt for a solution of the future
The electric vehicle is a genuine response to today's environmental problems and noise pollution in cities. By driving electric, you drive responsibly and enhance your image.
The Renault Z.E. range Find out more about our range of electric vehicles
Opt for an eminently future-oriented solution. By choosing all-electric vehicles for your business or your fleet of company cars, you're opting for the future!
Renault Zoe - Renault Z.E. electric vehicle range
Renault ZOE
Featuring a host of technological innovations, the Renault ZOE is the mass-produced all-electric vehicle that offers the largest driving range. Innovation, savings and driving pleasure come together to meet the needs of your company fleet.
Renault Twizy Cargo - electric van for companies - delivery in town
Renault TWIZY Cargo
Are you a tradesman or retailer? Do you need a small van to make deliveries around town? The Renault TWIZY Cargo is the vehicle for you! With a generous storage space and its ideal size, you can get to appointments and make deliveries quickly and more efficiently!

Charging facilities

Need to charge your electric vehicle? It couldn't be easier!

Find out more about the solutions for charging your Renault Z.E. easily.
Renault Kangoo Z.E. - Company fleet management - Renault Z.E. electric vehicle
Your company fleet
Are you a business, local authority or fleet customer? We have a choice of solutions for the installation of charging facilities. Multiple charge points, high power... we meet your every need.
Map of public infrastructures - charging - Renault Z.E. electric vehicles
Public facilities
Easily locate charge points for your electric vehicle. With Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA) map and application, you can see where the EV Green Chargers are located in Dubai. Simply register to the new DEWA Green Charger Card and charge your Renault ZOE easily on over the 100 charging points available.