foresee every eventuality for your Renault

Extended warranty, insurance and assistance

Comfort, peace of mind and safety are your primary concerns. Ours too. Renault Service's extended warranty, insurance and assistance contracts have been designed to guard against any eventuality.
Extended Warranty: new vehicles Premium Extended Warranty
- Peace of mind: enjoy a five-year warranty that ensures you avoid any unexpected bills. Travel with complete peace of mind anywhere in Europe with Renault 24/7 Assistance.
- Budget: you take out financing, you can pay for your extended warranty on a monthly basis. Protect yourself against any unexpected bills. Increase the resale value of your car with a transferable extended warranty.
- Quality: Enjoy full cover handled by network experts.

Extended Warranty: used vehicles

Extended Warranty

Thinking of buying a used vehicle from Renault? Enjoy a warranty of up to six years, regardless of the make of your vehicle, and you can pay for your extended warranty on a monthly basis. This is how Renault ensures your peace of mind.


Enjoy a relaxing drive

Renault Assistance is there for you in all circumstances, on every road in Europe, and we will be with you as quickly as possible if you break down. It also gives you a range of services designed to set your mind at ease.
Tyre Assistance

With Tyre Assistance on top of Renault Assistance, we come out to you for any damage to your tyres: puncture, act of vandalism, blistering that makes the tyre unusable:

- No minimum mileage, unlimited call-outs.
- On-the-spot repair or towing to the nearest Renault garage.
- For all Renault vehicles less than ten years old.
Revolving Assistance
For any service carried out in the network, Renault is committed to guaranteeing your peace of mind by providing assistance for one year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week until the next annual service of your vehicle.
Rescue Code
In a serious accident, every second counts. The Rescue Code is a QR Code that you put in your windscreen and rear window. It provides the emergency services with all the technical information they need to deal with your vehicle quickly. Only the emergency services can decode it.
Lost Keys Assistance

With Lost Keys Assistance, we cover all issues related to the use of your keys:

- Theft, loss or breakdown of your keys, and even your key or card getting stuck in the vehicle.
- No minimum mileage and unlimited call-outs.
Wrong Fuel Assistance

With Wrong Fuel Assistance, you enjoy Renault Assistance services whatever the model of your Renault:

- If you fill up with the wrong fuel or run out of fuel.
- No minimum mileage and unlimited call-outs.
Accident Assistance

With Accident Assistance, Renault Assistance is on hand:

- For any type of accident that puts your Renault off the road.
- No minimum mileage and unlimited call-outs.
- For any model of Renault.
Breakdown Assistance
With Breakdown Assistance, Renault takes care of everything in the event of any mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown included in the manufacturer's warranty. Enjoy Renault Assistance services with no minimum mileage and unlimited call-outs.

Vehicle insurance

Find the package that's right for you

Renault Insurance protects all Renaults, and all uses. Fully comprehensive, connected or Securplus, there is a Renault insurance policy to meet your needs.
Fully Comprehensive

Renault protects you against all risks, providing:

- Mandatory third-party liability cover
- Theft, fire, windscreen and damage cover
- Access to Renault Assistance
- Courtesy car
- Vehicle repair in the Renault network

Travel with peace of mind as Renault goes beyond your normal insurance:

- Cost of repairs in the event of a traffic accident involving an identified third party even in which you are partially at fault, if you are not covered for damages.
- Payment of the excess you have to pay, after compensation of your insurer, if you have fully comprehensive insurance.
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