Welcome to the world of New Renault MEGANE R.S.

Grip on the road

Iconic equipment
For extraordinary road-holding, our Renault Sport engineers have improved the basics that led to the success of New MEGANE R.S.     

  • The independent steering-axis front suspension system has been completely redesigned. Made from light and resistant aluminium, it is more rigid.
  • The new limited-slip differential, available on a Cup Chassis and manufactured by Torsen, is equipped with an asymmetric rate of transfer in acceleration and deceleration to improve the traction and precision of the front suspension system.
  • The brake is positioned level with the new engine with new 355mm diameter Brembo discs and bi-material discs in cast iron and aluminium available on the Cup Chassis.

Renault MEGANE RS - diagram of the 4CONTROL system
4CONTROL technology
As a world first in the segment, New MEGANE R.S. brings you the 4CONTROL 4-wheel drive system specially configured by Renault Sport.

Result: even more agility on tight bends and exceptional stability in high-speed curves.
Megane R.S.
2 choices of chassis: Sport or Cup
Suited to daily use, the Sport chassis in MEGANE R.S. lets you combine a dynamic driving style with comfort. The firmer Cup chassis in MEGANE R.S. TROPHY is based on track performance. Springs, shock absorbers, bump stops and anti-roll bars, etc. Our Renault Sport experts have designed specific parts and revised all the controls for each chassis.     
Renault MEGANE RS - hydraulic compression
Hydraulic compression stops
Whether Sport or Cup, each chassis has four hydraulic stops that serve as a second shock absorber.

On the Cup chassis, they let you enjoy optimal road-holding on all playing fields. On the Sport chassis, they offer unrivalled comfort levels in the segment, without compromising the sporty feel. 


R.S. Vision Full LED headlights
Enjoy high-performance lighting thanks to our exclusive LED multi-reflector technology.In the shape of a chequered flag in reference to motor racing, the additional headlamps of New MEGANE R.S. have four functions: fog lights, lighting the road into bends, position lamps and long-range lights.
R.S. Monitor
R.S. Monitor
With R.S. Monitor your performance is displayed in real time on your R-LINK 2 system screen. Its improved design and ergonomics let you use it even more easily.     
R.S. Drive
MULTI-SENSE and R.S. Drive button
Customise your driving experience! Using the MULTI-SENSE technology and R.S. Drive button, you can enter Sport or Race mode in the blink of an eye.      


Renault MEGANE RS - R-LINK touchscreen tablet
R-LINK 2 multimedia system
Radio, navigation, driving assistance, etc. The R-LINK 2 multimedia system lets you interact easily with all the vehicle's features.
Renault MEGANE RS - Bose sound system
Bose® Sound System
Equipped with four Bose® high-definition speakers and a subwoofer, New MEGANE R.S. invites you to enjoy an exceptional musical experience.