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100% electric, 100% fun, 0 emissions: The Renault ZOE reinvents the city.

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Be a trailblazer with the ZOE

Z.E. equipment

Did you know that Renault ZOE has more driving range than any other mass production electric vehicle? Did you know that Renault ZOE has a Chameleon charger unit, the most efficient in terms of electric charging? Surprised? Astonished? Amazed? ZOE!

Range optimizer: heat pump

Do you want air conditioning or heating without using up too much of your Renault ZOE's battery? With the Range Optimizer heat pump, you can. It is reversible, protects your driving range and provides 2 functions: cooling the passenger compartment, based on the principle of traditional, modern air conditioning, or producing heat by using the calories in the outside air. Smart!

Range optimizer: regenerative braking

Slow down, charge up! To optimise your Renault ZOE's driving range, our engineers have broken new ground by developing a system that can recover the energy lost when you decelerate or brake. As well as charging the battery when you take your foot off the accelerator, it now also does so when you step on the brake.

Range optimizer: Michelin Energy™ E-V tyres

Make the most of the ultra low rolling resistance of the very first range of MICHELIN tyres designed exclusively for electric vehicles. All without affecting the braking capacity or roadholding of your Renault ZOE.


The pre-cooling system in the passenger compartment lets you programme the heating or air conditioning to come on when your Renault ZOE is still on charge. With this function, the energy used for thermal comfort is not drained from the battery.

Eco mode air conditioning and heating

Save even more driving range with the Eco button. This mode reduces the car's dynamic performance and the power of the air conditioning or heating to optimise your energy consumption.

Customisable fuel saver

Thanks to the fuel saver on the screen behind the steering wheel of your Renault ZOE, you can view your energy consumption in real time. The screen changes colour depending on your driving style. You can customise it with one of the three configurations available.


Electric motor

The R240 motor

Thanks to its R240 Engine, Renault ZOE gives you a driving range* of 240 km. Developed by our engineers for an improved performance, it has the same power as the Q210 engine whilst offering you better autonomy and an accelerated charging time on a domestic plug.
* Driving range approved according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) standard measuring emissions and consumption.


Electric motor

The Q210 motor

The Q210 engine is ideal for your short daily journeys. With this engine, Renault ZOE has a driving range* of 210 km and a rapid charge for 65 kW of power and 220 Nm of torque.
* Driving range approved according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) standard measuring emissions and consumption.
As part of it’s ongoing product improvement policy, Renault reserves the right to modify the specifications, vehicles and accessories described and shown at anytime.