Renault ZOE has the wow factor

A trendy design

Experience emotion! with its compact, sculpted shapes, Renault ZOE was born to move. Connected in every sense of the word, this modern electric city car will revolutionise your life.

Media gallery

Exterior design

Media gallery

Interior design

Experience emotion

Renault ZOE: simply beautiful

Renault Zoe Front Exterior

The epitome of electric identity

Blue chrome diamond on its black front grille, slender blueish headlamps for an amused look, LED daytime lights set into its dimples... Renault ZOE has real appeal. 
Renault Zoe rear lights design

Streamlined rear lights

The designer rear lamps of Renault ZOE with their boomerang lighting signature also convey its modern, electric identity. The transparent, concentric, blue surrounds light up red when you brake. Wow!
Renault Zoe Electric Car

The look of a coupé

A compact 5-door city car that looks like a coupé? We rose to the challenge! Our designers achieved this by incorporating the rear door handles into the window frame. Ingenious!
Renault Zoe Dashboard

Inspired by nature

Enjoy an interior design that inspires peace and quiet. Water, air, wind... Everything in Renault ZOE evokes natural elements. Its emblematic white dashboard, underlined with chrome, looks like a wind turbine blade, symbolising renewable energy.
Renault Zoe seats

Z.E. signature

Make yourself comfortable in one of the ultra modern, electric train-inspired seats. A nod to Renault "Zero Emission" technology, the driver's headrest bears the Z.E. signature.
As part of it’s ongoing product improvement policy, Renault reserves the right to modify the specifications, vehicles and accessories described and shown at anytime.